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Things to Do Upon Confirmation of the Cleaning Service  

Booking a cleaning service is very easy. You can do so online, or by calling the cleaning company. Once you already confirmed the reservation, these are the things you need to do.

Set a reminder on your phone

During the cleaning service, you need to be at home. It’s important to have someone supervising the process. If you’re not available, you can have someone else stay at home at that time. To avoid forgetting the arrival of the cleaners, you need to set a reminder on your phone.

Confirm the availability of cleaning equipment

Some cleaning companies provide the necessary cleaning equipment and supplies. However, others might not have the right equipment needed for the services you requested. As such, you need to confirm if the company will bring what you requested. If not, you have to find the things yourself. You don’t want to delay the cleaning process because the necessary cleaning equipment isn’t available.

Pay the required price

Usually, cleaning companies require you to pay an initial fee once you confirm the reservation for the service. You will then pay the remaining amount once the cleaning service is over. Unless you paid the required fees, your booking isn’t final yet.

Give the necessary reminders

Once the house cleaners arrive, you need to give them a setup reminder. For instance, if there are areas that they can’t go into, you have to remind them. If there are items that they shouldn’t touch since they’re fragile, you also need to remind them. You may also leave signs if you can’t provide these reminders at the beginning of the service.

List the special services you require

You might ask for other services apart from the general cleaning services provided by the company. You have to be clear about them at the beginning of the transaction. You don’t want to inform the cleaners only upon their arrival since they might not have the right equipment with them. The price quotation given to you might not include the fees for these special services. The cleaning company has the right to decline your request if you are asking for a service that they can’t provide. You will then decide if you’re going to pursue the transaction, or you will find a different cleaning company to do the job.

After doing all these things, the house cleaners can start doing the job. You can look at them while they’re working, or you can wait elsewhere in the house to avoid disturbing them. Don’t forget to remind them when you need to get the job done, especially if you are expecting guests to arrive soon. If it’s an emergency cleaning service, you need to inform the cleaning company during your appointment. Otherwise, the house cleaners will do the job without considering the time. If you don’t want to take the risk of choosing the wrong company, you have to partner with a trusted cleaning services West Palm Beach company. With them, you will get what you deserve.

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