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Keeping Home Plants

While some people might think that keeping house plants just popped up the other day, keeping house plants has been practiced by the Chinese from 1000BC. Much like today, the Chinese kept these house plants as decoration and interior design prowess. Some artifacts state that only the elite among the Chinese folk kept home plants as expensive to maintain. Today, however, if you are elite at heart, you can be a home plant owner who is also referred playfully to being a plant mom or dad.

There are two types of home plants, artificial or actual plants. You can check out fermliving for some super deals if you are interested in getting some unique house plants.

Types of house plants

Not all plants are fit to be kept in the house. Some plants attract insects and animals like catnip, and some have weird stenches while others produce weird produces.Some plants are poisonous and harmful, so it is essential to identify some of the safe zones in our quest to buy a plant. Here is a list of some safe plants to consider:

The swiss cheese plant.

The swiss plant is the more common one. It is easy to maintain- and doesn’t grow too long. It is to be kept away from direct sunlight.

The Golden pothos alias the devil’s ivy.

Please don’t let the name scare you, and this is one of the safe and easy ones to maintain. Its pros are that it grows so fast. This plant is also drought-tolerant, and it will not dry up on you when you forget to water it.

Dracaena Massangeana

Dracaena Massangeana is popularly known as Mass Cane because of its uncanny resemblance with the sugarcane leaves. This plant is drought resistant, but you might want to reconsider this plant if you have a cat or a dog as it is highly toxic to them.

Snake plant or the Sansevieria

There is an excellent assumption about the snake plant that attracts snakes. However, that is just a myth. This plant is excellent indoors as it is drought-resistant and can grow up to 1.2 meters high.


This is the plant for you if you incline to colorful plants. Originally from Canada, it is perfect for all plant parents who would easily neglect their plants. It requires up to one watering a month. It is cheap to buy as well and can last as long as your desire.

Rubber Plant

One of the most appealing and common home plants. It is shiny and requires a little attention to maintain. Do not place it in direct sunlight as it will quickly burn up. It can survive with little water, even monthly watering in colder seasons.


When buying a home plant, consider ones that will not require a lot of your attention, especially if you are busy. You may also consider artificial plants if you want a plant for the aesthetic.  Plants not only make a home more attractive, but they make the air cleaner.

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