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How to Safely Store Your Cherished Belongings

Most individuals have lots of cherished and not-so-cherished possessions that all take up space. There are times in life when someone would need to find safe and convenient storage options to store some or all of their acquired belongings. This happens when a young man or women moves away to attend college, when families are in the process of moving, while waiting for a new home being built or sold and when senior homeowners decide to downgrade their home space work chores. In all of these situations, individuals can benefit from looking into nearby and secure storage facilities everett wa citizens can utilize.

Lots of people decide to travel to new countries around the world. This can occur when the individual is a young adult, or it can happen when seniors decide to finally see new horizons. Travelers often find it easier and more economical to store their possessions in a self-storage facility until they are back from their travels. More homeowners today opt to sublease or rent their homes out while they are away. This storage option is a simple way to keep your treasured belongings safe and protected. There are some tips for finding reliable and affordable self-storage options that first-time self-storage customers are urged to follow.

If someone is going to be storing their important possessions over a substantial amount of time, it is best to store those very important identity documents, important papers, family heirlooms, finer jewelry and other expensive or crucial belongings with another family member or friend with enough space for them. Living plants, pets and their supplies and cherished photo albums all need specific alternate storage arrangements. Before renting a storage unit, take the time to research the company. The establishment should be clean, free of pests, have temperature-controlled storage options for electronics and have reliable security features like alarms, keyed entryways, advanced security cameras and security guards or staff onsite.

Those that need to store their fragile electronic equipment should always find a controlled temperature indoor storage unit. Computers, televisions, printers and other high-tech devices can become easily damaged if kept in places that have extreme temperature variations. When preparing items for storage, follow the manufacturer’s directions for each device. This usually includes removing batteries, padding sensitive ports, providing dust covers and padding for added protection and other important measures. Make sure that items are off the floors and protected from unstable higher objects that might fall on top.

Most storage facilities will have limitations on what can and cannot be stored in the units. Typical banned items include hazardous material, chemicals and pest drawing items like food and beverages. Remember that drugs, perishable items, cleaning supplies and batteries can all be excluded from the storage unit. Pack all belongings to be stored carefully. Cushion breakable items like dishes with newspaper, towels or bubble-wrap packing material. Clearly label each box and designate fragile items to prevent breakage. Always understand and read any fine points within your rental contract.


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