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CBD Oil Sourcing: Why It Matters?

It’s easy to find a CBD shop near you and grab whatever product interests you. Cannabis Oil , also known as cannabidiol (or ) is not under FDA regulation. Quality can vary between products and brands.

Here’s everything you need to know about CBD oils quality and sourcing.

The range includes CBD oils and gummies as well as topical CBD creams, vape pens, and more.

Source information is important to know if the hemp is sustainably farmed and organic. It also tells you whether it contains pesticides heavy metals or other fertilizer chemicals.

The bitter taste of hemp plants that have been treated using non-organic substances can result. Even worse, the final product may contain harmful chemicals that can cause severe health conditions such as cancer or kidney damage.

Here are some factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing CBD oil.

Certificate of Analysis

A COA will detail the compounds contained in a CBD-based product. Sometimes, it is easy to locate a product’s COA online. If not, you can request a copy from the company.

It is best to flag any company that refuses or can’t provide you with a COA. At worst, it is an indication of a lack or transparency. Worst, the company isn’t testing the safety of its products. Or it has received troubling results that it doesn’t want to share.

The A cannabinoid evaluation . This indicates the product’s concentration and weight in cannabinoids.

The High metals analysis identifies the level of heavy Metals like mercury, lead and arsenic found in the product. A prolonged or excessive exposure to heavy elements can cause serious health problems such as kidney damage. A high level of cadmium (0.003 mg/mL), lead (0.003 mg/mL) or mercury (0.0001 mg/mL) would be considered problematic.

The Pesticides analysis is a method to determine the concentration of substances that were used to protect plants in the growing process. Exposure to pesticides may cause weakened immunity, hormone disruption, or liver toxicity. Parents’ exposure to pesticides can lead to birth defects and cancer in children. There are many pesticides that are used in agriculture. Among the most important to avoid are 40 parts of million (ppm), of cypermethrin; and 7ppm, of ethylene oxide.

Expert says the easiest red flag for companies is when they have a panel of cannabinoid receptors. This means that they don’t want to pay extra money to be transparent to their customers.

A COA can also include contents such terpenes or organic compounds associated with cannabis smells, mold toxins and residual solvents.

Third Parties Testing

The COA should include the third-party laboratory used to test products. This is an important element of trustworthiness and also demonstrates a company’s reliability. Third-party testing results are more reliable and objective. You might also want to investigate the third-party lab in question to ensure they are trustworthy and qualified.


Organic Cannabis Oil contains no synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Non GMO CBD oils are made from hemp plants and have not been modified in any way. Non-GMO Project, which is a non-profit organisation, has verified that non-GMO CBD oil isn’t genetically modified. Many CBD companies claim to sell non-GMO CBD products, but they don’t have to be verified. You can verify this by asking for more information about their hemp plant origins.

Vegan CBD oil can be found easily since CBD comes directly from the hemp flower and no animal products have been used to extract or create tinctures. It can get tricky when CBD is added to products such as edibles. This may include gelatin or milk.

There is also gluten-free CBD oil . However, this is rare as some cbd hemp oil crops are grown close to other plants that contain gluten. CBD edibles like gummies and tablets are more likely not to contain gluten than capsules, topical or topical CBD products. Be sure to read the ingredients and source information before you purchase any CBD product.

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