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Poulan Leaf Blowers, A Good Brand Amoung Many

It becomes impossible to pick the labels and the related versions that stick out from the crowd with the competition too cluttered with various brands and models of leaf blowers. One such brand, based on a variety of different criteria, that consistently outperforms others, is Poulan. Poulan blowers come loaded with special features, some of which are perfect responses to problems that customers regularly pose in focus groups of the leaf blower. Typically such problems include: equipment weight, product life cycle, overall performance and user-friendliness, equipment size, noise level during service, and power output / consumption.

When you know that many of the standard gasoline-driven leaf blowers weigh-in versions weighing up to 12.38 pounds, you can see why it is necessary to have machinery that is as light as possible. Some of the market’s larger business models are much stronger than that. Poulan blowers weigh a mere 10 pounds (depending on the range of the model). Although relatively small, this disparity is important over the course of a day when carrying out lengthy lawn-care tasks. Poulan blowers, though, become even more appealing as you remember that these versions are designed for ergonomic convenience in addition to the impressive weight savings. Yes, for these unique leaf blowers, many of the initial test customers were amazed to learn that the leaf blowers weighted more than 7 pounds. Stability and delivery are key components of this when it comes to bearing weight, so Poulan has clearly figured out how to make the ideas work for the benefit of the customer.

Each product has a life cycle, and there is no exception to Poulan blowers. Most buyers believe that all hand-held leaf blowers have a short life span owing to their frequent wear and tear. This becomes, though, another region in which Poulan outshines the competition. Several connoisseurs of Craftsman outdoor tools say that Craftsman outdoor tools only have an average service life of 50 hours! This also involves blowers for the vine. Some customers, though, openly claim that blowers from Poulan’s leaf do not start losing their engine compression for 2 entire years. Such advantage is particularly useful when seen in combination with some of the other advantages of the type mentioned below.

Poulan blowers, in addition to weight and life span, are exceptional in their versatility. Look at some rival leaf blowers ‘ capabilities and you will find that a large majority of them are dedicated blowers only. In other terms, without having to make specialized changes to the machinery, you can not transform several types of leaf blowers into vacuum cleaners. It’s as simple as flipping a switch with the Poulan, though. In fact, the vacuum feature bag attachment is built to provide maximum comfort during service. Using a Poulan as a vacuum and as a conventional leaf blower allows you to get rid of the existing hand-held vacuum you used for yard-oriented jobs. For starters, you can easily flip a switch and vacuum out of your driveway, or clear seed pods from your greenhouse, gutters, or patio, until you clean your property from leaves and debris using your Poulan. No matter how daunting they may seem, Poulan blowers essentially make them feasible.


The great advantage of using a Poulan device is that it is very cost-effective. With many hand-held devices costing more than two hundred dollars, a product for similar functionality that offers the same performance as a Poulan leaf blower is difficult to find. Most Poulan versions are valued at around $100, which is an incredible value thanks to its robust design, versatility and longevity. You need to look no further than Poulan’s line of leaf blowers if you’re a budget-conscious customer. Most come with insurance policies that aim only to make a better buy for the Poulan.

Poulan blowers reported one of the quietest decibel readings of all models in laboratory tests. The particular model tested came in with only 69 DBA simulated whisper, while some of the other blowers reported noise rates over 80 DBA. Leaf blowers have a terrible reputation for noise pollution in general. This is, in reality, one of the reasons that leads many customers in general to resist leaf blowers. Eventually, Poulan announced that using a 4-cycle engine allowed it to retain relatively quiet levels of noise while making a more fuel-efficient and powerful product. The compression can be up to 60 lbs, which is incredible due to its size, weight and quality.


So finish, if you’re looking for a great alternative for summer or fall sweeping leaves, search for a Poulan so do all the work you can do. In almost any group that counts, Poulan blowers are equivalent to the competition. There is no question that you will benefit from years of service at an amazing price.

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