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Arabesque Tile in the Modern World

Arabesque tile is also known as the “mosaic tile.” It is a French word that originally comes from “Arabesco,” an Italian word. It originated from the word Arabic style. It has been heavily used in the Islamic culture for many of their buildings. Originally in the Islamic world, it was made with leaves.

Arabesque can come in the many different element forms. The most favorable are glass, marble, and ceramic. It has also been seen in the form of brick arabesque on pavements outside and in walkways. Arabesque tile is highly favored because of it’s unique look and touch on homes, and buildings such as Hagia Sophia, the Alhambra, and the Sheikh Lotfallah Mosque where it covers the entire dome of the building in arabesque pattern. Arabesque tile adds style and decor to any room it is in.

It is attractive and easy on the eyes making it flavorful and appealing. It gives any room a distinguished look. Arabesque tile can be used inside or outside. The tile creates a masterpiece for kitchens, walkways and everyday floors, shower tile, and even home pool backgrounds. This is what is called a back splash, when a pattern is simply designed for the backgrounds. Arabesque can be just about any color one can dream of, making it creative and very artistic.

For people with a more unique taste in decor arabesque would most likely be a pattern on their list. It may not compliment everything, depending on how it is used and incorporated into the room itself, yet, with the ubiquitous amount of options and choices to choose from, if used properly, arabesque can make any backdrop come to life. Whether it’s in your bathroom or your dining room. Weathering is no problem forurable arabesque tile  d. It is very sturdy and with the capabilities to be any color or texture it can weather just about anything.

Arabesque has been incorporated into Bedding as well, decor for duvet’s and pillowcases. It has been seen on furniture such as ottomans, and sofas. However, it is highly favored as a tile, strong, easy to clean, long lasting material and a beautiful finish to any home. Arabesque is elegant in its style. It is an exotic decoration with its long line of history dating back to the time of the Renaissance. Arabesque tile is used all over the world today. In the world of the French, people big on style. In the Western and American world, where people have become very diverse and big on diversity in culture.

In places of the world like India, Egypt, Berlin, The Byzantine Capital. All these places see Arabesque tile as an exquisite piece of art to be used in their most important buildings, as well as their very own homes. The prominence of arabesque tile today is very high, it is something that is well loved by all and adored because of its unique pattern. After making a name for itself many, many years ago to now arabesque tile continues to put us in awe.


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