- Doors and Windows

Doors are just for opening aren’t they?

Similarly to the windows in our houses we don’t really pay much attention to the doors unless

Something starts to go wrong with them or we fancy having a new front door fitted. Well if you are in either of these positions then it is worth contacting a dublin windows and doors company like http://www.keanewindows.ie/ to come and help you.

In the meantime here are some interesting and sometimes obscure facts about all things door related.

  • Did you know that the worlds largest doors are located at the Kennedy Space Centre? It would make perfect sense considering they are designing, building and launching some of the largest and most technologically advanced vehicles on the planet. The doors of NASA’s Vehicle Assembly Building are an incredible 456 feet and it takes up to 45 minutes to open them. There are 4 of the doors in total and to give some idea of comparison the Statue of Liberty is 151 feet high. It is in this building that (as the name would suggest) the space bound vehicles are assembled. The Apollo and Saturn vehicles were both put together in this building behind these incredible doors.
  • The earliest patent ever received for a revolving door was received in 1888 and was attributed to an inventor called Theophilus Van Kannel who lived in Philadelphia.
  • You can see a whole array of coloured doors in Ireland. The reason for this may not be a pleasant one to remember as the residents were ordered to paint their doors black as a mark of mourning once Queen Victoria had died however the residents decided to paint their doors in bright colours as a way of reacting to being told what to do with their own properties. These doors now draw in large numbers of tourists and add a great deal of personality to the streets.

  • The was a Roman God of Doors – Janus. He was the God of new beginnings, transitions, gateways and doors and as a mark of respect to him doors always opened into the house as a way of welcoming the guests into your home as well as welcoming Janus. This was prevalent in Roman homes. However if a Roman had given great service to his country or town and was deemed to be worthy enough – usually some form of war hero – they would be granted the right to have their doors opening outwards! Nowadays it is seen as much more practical to have your door opening inwards.

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