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Three Ways to Take Care of Your Garbage Disposal Properly

The appliances in a home must be taken care of properly if the homeowner and their family members want to keep them in good condition. Without the proper care, the appliances may need to be repaired or replaced before the parts begin to wear out. Hence, if you are a homeowner who wants to get the best services out of your appliance, you need to know what you can and cannot do to them all of the time. Simply put, you must be able to treat appliances like the garage disposal properly if you do not want to experience a significant number of repairs. Hence, here are a few things that you need to know before problems begin to occur.

Keep the Garbage Disposal Clean Without Chemicals

Even though the family will throw some food items into the garbage disposal throughout the day, it does not negate the fact that this appliance must remain clean. Keeping this appliance clean can help with the longevity, functioning and durability. Therefore, everyone should know what the proper procedures are for cleaning their garbage disposals on a regular basis. While some people may think that they can use harsh chemicals to clean out the dirt out thoroughly, this is not always necessarily the case. In fact, most professionals in this industry usually recommend homeowners and their families use all-natural mild cleaners to take on these jobs. For instance, all the homeowner needs is a little baking soda powder and vinegar to do this job. Because these are all-natural substances, they will not add wear and tear on this appliance.

Watch What You Throw in the Garbage Disposal

If you want to break your garbage disposal prematurely, you should watch what you are putting in the sink. The actual Proper use of garbage disposals usually depends on the items that you pitching down the sink. So, you need to always know the do’s and don’ts of what proper etiquette is. For instance, here are a few items that you do not want to throw in the garbage disposal since they are better suited to the garbage can or any other type of container.

– Vegetable Oils
– Bones
– Coffee Grinds
– Egg Shells
– Pits from Fruits
– Potato Peels
– Pasta

All of which are food items that can cause potential damage to the garbage disposal itself and usually lead to unnecessary repairs or its replacement.

Keep Glass from Falling in the Disposal—Turn it Off

Accidents do happen, and everyone knows that this is true. However, before you have the inevitable and unthinkable occur, you should pay close attention to what items can possibly fall into the disposal in error. One of the most harmful and problematic to deal with is the falling of glass down into the blades. To keep anyone from being injured, you should make sure that turn off the disposal completely so that no one will be cut from flying glass nor will this appliance be broken.

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