How to Protect Your Furniture From Termite?
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How to Protect Your Furniture From Termite?

We all love our furniture, right! After putting in all the effort of collecting or getting that right furniture made for your home, it can be really disheartening to see them cracking. Cracking because of that small but dangerous creature called Termite. Termite can actually be cancerous for furniture. When and how it starts destroying your furniture you get to know only once the damage is done and the body of the furniture starts showing up. Though it is true that termite is difficult to notice but some small steps can help you prevent the growth of these uninvited guests. So, just read this article until the end and get to know how to protect your wooden furniture from termite and thank your stars. It can save you quite a few bucks. Use properly seasoned wood for furniture – One of the most important factors to consider in furniture making is whether the wood used is seasoned or not. Moisture in the wood invites termite and seasoning or wood drying reduces the moisture content of the wood making the wood more durable and less prone to termite. So, it is important to use seasoned wood for furniture which can save the wood from a termite attack. Additionally, use wood treated with pest control oils or herbal anti-termite chemicals to impart resistance to termite and be safe. termite pic Protect furniture from moisture – Any kind of moist places, dark areas, seasonal seepages and neglected leakages are a welcome home to termite. So, inspect from time to time and fix all the leakages immediately. Additionally, keep your rooms well ventilated as ventilation helps reduce the moisture content too. Termite in wooden furniture grows rapidly and can turn out to be a big nuisance if not treated. So, take care. Pest Control – Getting a pest control done every two years is any day a better choice than repenting later. Prevention is better than cure, isn’t it? Opt for the specialized pest control services for wooden furniture in case already infested. Termite resistant polish – Prevent your furniture from damaging by getting regular termite resistant polish like in 5 years or so. Polishing adds a protective layer against termite and increases the life of the furniture. Exposure to sunlight – Heat is like an enemy to termite. So, expose furniture to sunlight whenever possible. Keep the termite infested furniture under strong rays of the sun and let it die naturally. Repeat it for the next few days to have a successful attempt. This method also helps dry up the moisture content of the wood thus making wood stronger.

Use a cardboard trap – Act smart by keeping a wet cardboard box near the termite affected area. Termites get easily attracted to the woody smell that the box radiates and get trapped. Burn the board once the process gets over. It’s an easy yet effective termite treatment. Treat the furniture with oils – Applying natural oils on your furniture also repels termite and acts as an anti-termite solution. Never thought it could be so simple. Yes, it is. Just treat your furniture with one part vinegar and four parts olive oil concoction or use orange and neem oils to add a barrier against termite. Re-apply till you get rid of them completely or apply at least once a month to protect them from getting infected. Boric Acid use – Using Boric Acid or Borax powder is another simple treatment to control termite. Mix it in hot water and use it as a spray or apply as a coating and get rid of this ugly insect that feeds on wood. Last but not the least, rubbing totally natural cactus or aloe vera gel on the wooden surface of your furniture also adds life to the furniture as doing so creates a barrier against termite. These were few of our suggestions. Some can be done at home, some needs specialized people. Use them must if you want to say goodbye to termite and protect your proud possessions.

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