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Factors To Consider When Looking For Pet-Safe Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning and health of you and your loved ones, you can never, ever be too careful. That includes making sure that you find carpet cleaners omaha who use only pet-safe techniques and solutions for getting the job done.

Your furry friends can’t speak for themselves, so it’s important to make sure your home remains safe for them as well. Many common chemicals and cleansers used for carpet cleaning can prove hazardous and toxic to animals, leaving them with a myriad of potential symptoms from even a brief amount of exposure.

Don’t make your pets suffer just so you can have a clean carpet in the home. You can still enjoy carpeting free from stains and odors without the use of toxic and abrasive chemicals. Here are some things to consider when you are searching for good, reliable pet-safe carpet cleaning:

Do Your Research

Take one look at the cleaning aisle of any supermarket or department store and you’re bound to find a dizzying array of products, all of which claim they are the best for getting your carpet clean. But are they also safe for your pet? Chances are you’ll find fewer of those amongst your many options.

So take a look at the warning indications printed on the bottle. Every cleaner has them, usually telling you not to drink the stuff or get it in your eyes or skin. Those are the cautionary measures we all expect but if you also find the bottle cautioning you to keep all pets away from the carpet after the product inside the bottle has been used, you’re not really purchasing a pet-safe product.

Pet Stores

Your best bet for finding a 100% pet-safe carpet cleaner is to check your local pet store. In addition to finding all the food, toys, and other accessories that your pet will want, you’ll also find pet-friendly versions of typical everyday household products. These items will probably be promoted as the ideal solution for removing pet-related stains and smells but they’re likely going to be just as useful for removing all other common household messes as well.

But purchasing the product from a pet store will mean you’ve bought the right carpet cleaner for your home and your four-footed loved ones at the same time.

Hazardous Ingredients

No matter where you purchase your carpet cleaner, be it the grocery store or the pet store, always check the label to see what ingredients are contained within the product. If you find certain things in the cleanser you plan to buy, then you may want to leave it on the shelf and move on.

These include chlorine and ammonia, both of which are common elements in many store-bought carpet cleaners and deodorizers. They can each cause your pet discomfort in the form of irritated or watery eyes, itchy skin, rashes, and other sensitivities that might leave your pet feeling uncomfortable and/or woozy. Try to choose cleaners with all-natural ingredients instead as these can be a lot more forgiving on animals.

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