Two Perfect Additions To Your Garden
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Two Good Additions To Your Backyard

Beneath you’ll find two good additions to your backyard: Byrsonima Lucida (Locust Berry)

Locust Berry is a florida native small tree or shrub, sometimes 5 – 15 toes tall, however can develop taller. It has an irregular, rounded or flat-topped, reasonably dense crown. Trunks normally brief, with quite a few ascending branches; bark skinny, pale brown. Usually a bunch to epiphytes. Leaves are inexperienced or blue-green, evergreen, reverse or sub reverse, leathery, easy, shiny above however boring beneath and 1 – 1 half of inches lengthy. Flowers borne in clusters, showy blooms change shade from white to pink to crimson, and entice butterflies. Fruits are spherical, half of inch lengthy, pea-sized, fleshy, inexperienced ripening to pink and entice birds. Fruits are edible and persist on the tree. The plant is grown from seed. Bark and fruits have medicinal use. Locust berry is customized to several types of well-drained soils; it advantages from pruning. Normally not affected by pests. Along with its worth as a land reclamation plant, locust berry’s good-looking foliage, flowers and fruits, make it efficient as specimen plant, display screen, border planting and native plant species for parks and gardens. It’s threatened within the wild in florida due to habitat loss. Coccothrinax Argentata (Florida Silver Palm, Silver Thatch Palm) The Florida Silver Palm is however one among about 50 species of coccothrinax palms originating from the west indian area. The species title argentata means silvery. Its native habitat is pine rock lands and coastal hammocks; wild palms are threatened and uncommon within the wild in florida. This palm is often eight toes or much less in peak, however it might attain 30 toes underneath superb situations. The slender trunk has its higher portion coated with webbed fibers. It has an open crown of huge deeply divided fan-shaped leaves, as much as three toes large, with drooping segments. Leaves are darkish inexperienced above and silvery white beneath, presenting a hanging look after they transfer within the wind.

Aromatic flowers are borne in white clusters, producing purple to black fruits about three/eight inch in diameter, eaten by birds. Will be grown from seed. This palm does nicely in poorer soils offering they’re well-drained and prefers open websites Leaves can be utilized to weave baskets. In landscapes, the palm is a good-looking accent or specimen plant and might face up to coastal publicity to salt and wind.

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