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A Way to Be Making impressions: Home doors

It is often said that the first thing people notice about a home is the front door. Whether its potential buyers or simply the desire to have that pride that your home is the best looking on the block. Picking a door is not as difficult as most people make it, yet why do so many get it wrong? From picking the wrong shade, wrong material, size etc. there is a plethora of mistakes beginners tend to make when choosing a door. We are here to hopefully save you from making those mistakes with our best tips on choosing the perfect door for your home. All this advice can be applied to any door in your home. So, take out a pen and paper and let’s get started!

Choosing the Right Color 

In today’s digital era, many are discovering great ideas for their home doors online. The problem lays in the fact that those designs have become so overused that its leading homeowners to the cookie cutter look they were trying to avoid in the first place. So, you’re probably asking yourself what color you should pick. Right off the bat, we would recommend bright red to bring a bit of warmth to the home. This color in 2018 seems to be very popular and in certain cases, it might work, but before you go buying a bucket of this stuff, look around your neighborhood and make sure it’s not being overused. The best route to take when choosing a door color is to ask yourself what you want your home to represent. Is your home modern inside? Then go with a bright vibrant color! Is it vintage? We recommend a light pastel hue color. If you have any shutters around your home, it is best to compliment the color scheme of your shutters. You can search roller shutters adelaide for tips on this.

Make the Best of Your Space 

Arranging your furniture around your door? That’s ridiculous! We know that most doors require some space for opening and closing, therefore, forcing us to design around a doors clearance. Our advice is to consider in investing in a sliding, folding or pockets door instead. All these options regardless which you pick provide you with the freedom of gaining more space because they eliminate the swinging motion of traditional doors. If in case you want to stick to a traditional, and that’s okay, we recommend using glass doors that filter light into the room. This keeps your room private (you can always install curtains) and makes your room seem bigger!

Accessories, Accessories, Accessories! 

So, you’ve come this far. You got the right paint color, the right door style, and the right materials. So, you stare at it and you can’t put your finger on it but something is missing, it just seems a little too meh. The answer, accessories. Accessories can give your door that last bit of style to really make it stand out. Hanging a seasonal reef gives your home that warm friendly invitation, or if you’re a little more modern, steel or brass knockers or doorknobs should do the trick.

In the end, this is your home so do what makes you happy and not other people. We know you want the best and we are confident that these tips will lead you down the right path. Happy design!

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