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What should we do to clean our homes?

According to the U.S. Centers of Disease Control (CDC) coronavirus is not new virus. It is actually a large family of viruses which attacks the respiratory system in humans causing flu like symptoms. COVID-19 is a novel virus about which researches are still in progress. Health researchers are working to discover cure for this virus.

The more common symptoms are associated with respiratory illness, including fever, cough, shortness of breath in patients confirm positive with COVID-19. This virus spread very rapidly through droplets after close contact of a person to person but symptoms appear after two weeks. These symptoms may differ from person to person depending on health conditions.

This virus is known to remain on different surfaces from hours to days and can affect anyone after human contact with the surface. To prevent coronavirus, practicing proper hygiene and cleaning your surroundings is essential to keep you and your families safe and healthy. U.S. is now experiencing huge outbreak of COVID-19 on different levels and CDC is providing up-to-date guidelines on deep cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting to prevent spread of virus.

Cleaning do not kill virus instead removing dirt lower their numbers and the risk of spread of infection. On the other hand, disinfectants are chemical used to kill virus and prevent infection.

Hopefully, coronavirus is easy to destroy with sanitizers and disinfectants but only if done in a correct way for effectiveness. To achieve effective results, it is recommended to use EPA-registered disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus according to their given instructions.

Cleaning coronavirus service is giving deep cleaning and sanitization to buildings while paying particular attention to high-touch surfaces and areas. They are strictly following the guidelines and up-to-date solution provided by Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC). Cleaning of visible dirt followed by disinfection prevent the spread of coronavirus from surfaces and from person to person contact.

CDC provides proper procedure to fight against broad spectrum virus. Health authorities suggest tips to practice personal hygiene and disinfection to kill virus.

Proper clean every surface to remove excessive dirt before further disinfecting.

For effective disinfection cover every surface completely and let it air dry as recommended by makers.

Clean and sanitize your personal things repeatedly which are used frequently like mobile phones and T.V remotes.

Wash your hands for twenty minutes after cough or sneeze and do not touch your face, eyes or nose.

If you are disinfecting food or toys, rinse them thoroughly with water after air dry.

Dispose of your used tissues, wipes, paper towels and other disposables properly in trash. Do not flush non flushable products.

If someone is ill in house, keep proper distancing from him or her in one room.

Take extra care of children and elderly family members who are more vulnerable to the virus.

Clean and sanitize bathroom used by ill member of family.

Inform the health authorities if a family member is confirmed coronavirus positive.

By keeping your home and yourself sanitized, you are helping yourself and community by lowering the chance that you may spread coronavirus to someone else.

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